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Modification with our interest rate at 2% for the next 5 years!

home2save loan modification

I am a Firefighter for more than 20 years, I got hurt on the job and had to have back surgery, wife was out of work with an injury to her shoulder at the same time. We got behind on our mortgage payments for the first time in 20 years.
I made attempts to talk to the Bank but, they were not helpful or considerate of our situation at all. I got a letter in the mail from Home2Save and I contacted them right away. They found out we had a Fannie Mae backed loan and sent in a loan modification for the “Government Plan” Well, we couldn’t be happier with the results, within 2 months they had us on a trial payment plan which reduced our payment considerably. We got our modification with our interest rate at 2% for the next 5 years! I would highly recommend Home Savers they handled everything.


Got them to modify my loan and got me back current

home2save loan modification

I was behind on my mortgage, I had gotten a letter from my Lenders Law office demanding that I pay my entire mortgage balance. I tried working with them, it was useless. Then I found Home2Save, they took over my case, sent all the paperwork into the bank and got them to modify my loan and got me back current. Thank you Home2Save


Auction date Postponed!

home2save loan modification

I was so frustrated with my Lender, I went to an Attorney because I was thinking about filing Bankruptcy. The lawyer referred us to Home2save. They got our auction date postponed and we got a modification that saved us more than $500.00 per month. It took 5 months but it was worth it. We are current now and we are so grateful for the staff at Home2Save for helping us.


They stood by my side and got me through

Thanks to Home2save I was able to save my home. I went through a long divorce that almost backed me into foreclosure. Two days before the auction was set MPAT / Home2save stop the auction and started their procedure and in return I have been awarded the house. It took literally over a year to complete but that was not MPAT’s fault, my mortgage co through the 2 year divorce changed hands 3 times. Each time the modification had to begin over, they stood by my side and got me through it even when I doubted them.

April C.
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